Half term: 27th May to the 31st May.

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  • Final Lead Standards Verifier Report – G. Savage 17/06/22

    Please find Our Final Lead Standards Verifier Report – 17th June 2022. We thank Mr G. Savage for his help and generous support during a rather testing period. Final_Lead_Standard_Verifer_Report_-.pdf

  • QRF H&S Report – S. Connor 02/06/22

    Please find the QRF Report regarding our H&S programme dated 02nd June 2022. Many thanks to Standards verifier Mr S. Connor for your help and support during this visit. QrfReport-3_-_S._CONNER_HS_.pdf

  • April 2021 QMR

    Please find our recent Pearson Standards Verifier reports from Mr P Towel for Level 1 Construction and Mr P. Allen for Health and Safety in Construction. All went well, there was an action point which has now been corrected. QrfReport_P_Allen.pdf QrfReport.pdf

  • Sandwell Academy Work Experience 2016 / 17

    Startright Training Ltd were asked to develop a work experience programme to provide to Sandwell Academy students during this academic year 2016 / 17. It was agreed for us to accept three waves of students over a six month period. Each group of students to attend Startright for one day a week for approximately six weeks and…

  • Quality Management Review 05/01/2016

    Again; on the 05th January 2016 it was time for our Pearson Quality Management Review. We received this review by Miss L Smith, pleased to say all went well and you are welcome to see the outcome of our report by clicking the link below. QMR_Report-2.pdf

  • Off Site Learning Directory

    Startright have recently received our Health & Safety check from SIPS / Education Business Partnership. All has gone well and our local authority was pleased with our systems and procedures we currently have in place, we have no key recommendations / actions to implement. Our page in the local authority Off-Site Directory is below: 27._Startright_Training_.pdf