Half term: 27th May to the 31st May.

CSkills Awards – E.V. Visit

On the 21st August 2012, Startright welcomed External Verifier; Dave Radley from CSkills for routine checks of our policies and procedures at our centre.

This was our first meeting with Dave Radley and his Colleague Andy Philbin (also an External Verifier). They were both very friendly and approachable, thourough on their part, and extremely helpful and informative for us.

Dave and Andy cleared up a concern for us regarding continuity with CSkills Awards, we have now been assured that Dave Radley will be our regular CSkills External Verifier going forward.

Dave was pleased with our training facilities and the structure of portfolio’s and has arranged another QA visit for observation of workshop assessment on 31.01.13.

For you to view the full outcome of our visit, click on the QA3 Report below.


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