Training Times, Business Hours


Candidates are required to be at Startright prior to 9.00am, dressed in their appropriate working clothes and steel toe capped work boots, (these are issued to the student on enrolment).

Our training times are:

9.00am Start

10.30 - 10.45am morning break (No student is allowed off site, students are staff supervised, bring a bite to eat and change for drink machine)

12.00 - 12.30pm Lunch Time (No student is allowed off site, students are staff supervised, bring a packed lunch and change for drink machine)

1.45 - 2.00pm Clean tools, equipment & training centre as a TEAM.

2.00pm Home time, once the students work has been seen by their Assessor.


Startright Training Ltd is open to our Students for training during:

Sandwell school term dates. (Click to view dates).

We are available for business (customers can also just pop in for a coffee and an informal chat) at all times during our normal training hours.